GF NEWS & TOP Playlist

Once again, here we are. If you’re laying eyes upon this, congratulations on making it through yet another rotation around the sun.

Gypsy Farm events of note this year were the release of Pelzer F**k Club (catalog number: GF013) by experimental group, The Humms.

Issued on vinyl & cassette, it is the band’s third full-length album since forming in 2008.

Following GF013, we were ecstatic to announce the release of GF014, the sequel to 2021’s Tape Feed cassette, the proceeds of which were donated to the food bank of Northeast Georgia via Feeding America, helping to serve some 1,200 meals.

This year, we saw volume 2 of the Tape Feed series release, made possible by the Athens Area Arts Council & issued on purple-swirl cassette shell.

Packed with tracks by Gypsy Farm bands like: The Ice Creams, Outersea, Thee Crucials, The Humms, Marble Soup, The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, Tommy Powell, Shoal Creek Stranglers & more.

As with vol 1, net proceeds of the tape are being collected & directed to the Feeding America network of food banks in an effort to help offset & curb the waste of food.

And now friends, we encourage you to enjoy our year-end benediction playlist, in no such order, provided here & below courtesy of Bandcamp, on which we ask that you support these fine artists when able:

Grecco Romank “Get To Work” New Zealand

Pencil Legs “How Long” Kyiv, Ukraine

Tombstones In Their Eyes “My Head Is Fighting Me” Los Angeles, CA

The Trend “Dancing Shoes” Frostburg, MD

The Vet’s Fetching “In & Out of Time With You” Athens, GA

TPAO Batman Orkestrası “Sarhoş Martılar” Turkey  

Devine Feed “Dish Pit” Valdosta, GA

Hookers Made Out of Cocaine “Bathsalt Peter Frampton” Columbus, OH

Mike Hurley “Boulevard” Astoria, Oregon

We here at Gypsy Farm wish you the safest of New Years & invite you to follow us into the next & many more to come, for an exciting glimpse into our own little world of wonder & amusement.


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