Marble Soup

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Under the alias of Marble Soup, Matthew Garrison produces piano driven, peachy, poppy music with a rotating assortment of musical cohorts.

In 2018, Garrison released a self titled EP and put together a live band consisting of Lars Hefner on guitar, Will Hefner on drums & Zeke Sayer on bass guitar.

“Clocking in with a mere four songs, this little record does a fine job of exhibiting Garrison’s songwriting, which harkens back to NRBQ, a little Randy Newman and perhaps a slight amount of Gram Parsons to boot”

Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine

“With it’s ominous beat, Marble Soup’s ‘Janet Lorraine’ solicits the listener immediately to a soundscape where time stands before inevitably running out”

– WJAY, GF Press Editor

“‘Safe is a cleverly and wittily written piece of alternative pop perfection. It is a pleasantly paced and constructed piece of indie rock with a jangly romanticism. Another piece of music written and recorded in Georgia, this really showcases the depth of that particular local scene.”

Aldora Britain Records, U.K.

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