Pine Tar Rage

Speaking from his porch with cigar in hand, Ed Campbell reiterates that he’s a “rocker at heart” and his band, Pine Tar Rage serves as an “outlet for the rowdier compositions requiring electricity”.

Although some songs inevitably cross over from Campbell’s bluegrass band, such as the tune I Got a Headlight Out.

While Pine Tar’s song, titled I’m Gonna Have a Good Time punches right out of the gate with fierce determination; hell bent in fact, on making the most of one evening. 

Campbell, who is the writer, singer, and guitarist, declares: “This is about someone who’s been working two months straight without a day off.  They’ve saved up their money, stock piled their drugs only to get the flu that day…. but they’re gonna have a real good time, whether they like it or not.”

Campbell is joined by lead guitarist Brant Duncan of Clemson area folk duo The Elegance & Haunted Head, bassist Jeff Barrett of Central’s Wheeler, and drummer Zeke Sayer of Georgia-based band The Humms.

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