Clem Sayer

Clem Sayer (born 1938) was a known character throughout the South for his cowboy-hat, sense of humor, & a type of guitar playing sometimes referred to as Piedmont Pickin‘, a style that Sayer claims he learned from his mother while traveling between Hartwell, Ga & Forrest City, NC in the 1950s.

After decades of service to the local community, Sayer retired from the automotive industry and became owner-operator of the Shoal Creek Country Music Park, an entertainment venue in Northeastern Georgia, founded by Alton & Bertha May Walters in the early 1960s.

After acquiring the defunct park, Sayer & family reopened the property, hosting everything from Saturday night shows, to wrestling matches, to official town meetings, to bluegrass & gospel festivals, annually for over 20 years.

Sayer performed anywhere from churches to chicken houses, until his passing in 2011. His granite gravestone is marked with the etching of an acoustic guitar.

“Bill Bailey” by Clem Sayer & the Chicken House Gang
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