Zeke Sayer

Georgia (USA) writer & musician, Zeke Sayer produces a variety of content from within the Gypsy Farm universe. Since founding the label in 2008, Sayer has assisted several independent artists with the development of audial & visual art.

“Gypsy Farm Records and studio founder Zeke Sayer (The Humms, The Ice Creams) has a brand-new massive solo LP named CP 2106 LP. It runs a full 17 tracks that feel like lost artwork. That is to say, they have a fairly clear provenance, but no real home. They ramble and move around and can seem like they were born in the 1930s, but spoke their first words while waiting for a bus in the mid-’60s.”

“In the simplest terms, it’s a huge collection of beautiful, sometimes funny, sweet folk songs. Significantly, though it’s supremely humanistic and often quite tender, there’s also a muscularity to these tracks and the project that keeps it all between the ditches. Although I’ve no real clue how he went about recording these songs, most of it sounds like a one-microphone deal and a directly lined guitar. And that’s really a perfectly tight way to handle material that is both so universal yet so personal, too.”

– Gordon Lamb, Athens, GA.

Other productions include:

2008-2018 gfr RELEASES
Jacob Morris and Zeke Sayer
Zeke Sayer
Zeke Sayer in 2010

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