Rawk Show at The World Famous


Members of Timmy and the Tumblers and The HUMMS comprise new local instrumental surf-rock outfit The Cryptides, so you can rest easy knowing that incredible moniker is in capable hands. Early demos point towards a shockingly developed sound—a slinky, sexy swirl with just the right smear of dirt. The newly formed Jones Maintenance All-Stars is a hybrid group of sorts featuring members of Nate and the Nightmares and Free Associates; the Nightmares’ Nate Mitchell tells Flagpole the band will be “playing a mix of originals and classic rock and roll cover songs.”  The Rodney Kings will be on hand to provide a jolt of punk power, and appropriately capping off a night of throwback jams is a DJ set from local vinyl guru Kurt Wood.

(via Flagpole Magazine / Gabe Vodicka)

Thee totally slick flyer comes courtesy of Larry Choskey.  NOW DON’T MISS The Rodney Kings, The Cryptides, Jones Maintenance All-Stars and a DJ set by Kurt Wood, LIVE this Thursday at The World Famous!

THE ICE CREAMS / “Skeleton” Video

matt piano the ice creams

Athens GA “Scooby Pop” outfit known as “THE ICE CREAMS” have released a music video in percolation to their long-over due Gypsy single “Everyone’s Got A Skeleton“, slated for release later this year.

Stephen ice creams drums evil

The skeleton song in particular is a chop-charmed blend of 50’s pop that could be collecting dust on the shores of Leso Island, bound by it’s barbaric beat.


Folks first caught sound of the band via Myface in 2008 and later, making their debut on 2012’s GYPNOSIS compilation.

Zeke The Ice Creams

Watch and Share THE ICE CREAMS / “Everyone’s Got A Skeleton” Video :

Filmed 2012 at GYPSY FARM sound stage 666 in Lavonia, Ga



As we approach the holy-day of LOVE,  why not make your way down to Little Kings, this Thursday / February 14th (and drag your date along too!) — for an ALL OWT-CALL OWT of every monster ready to mash!  Indie South Fair is presenting the Handmade Lovers / Zombie PROM this year,  which begins at 4pm (prom at 9) and features Handmade Art, Up-Doo-Doins (courtesy of Honey’s), DJ ZZ Ryder, Tarot Card Reading, Zombie Make Up specialist. . .the list really goes on and on. . . find ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW by summoning :


“It’s time for the 6th annual ZOMBIE PROM! Raid the thrift stores and dress to depress! Fabulous trophies will be handed out, as always.” – ISF / Athens

Featuring Live Performances by:

The De Lux Interiors (Cramps cover band, TRIPPLE XXX!)

Nasty Jams by Chamber Music

Valentines Day / 200013!




Here we have Athens, GA Rock and Rawers, The HUMMS playing “FAT BAT” at the 40 WATT last week.  Special thanks to Daniel P of athensrockshow.com for shooting.   Catch them at up coming gigs in :

Memphis, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Atlanta and Athens in the coming months. – Keep your eyes and ears on THEHUMMS.COM for further rumors and none sense as it unfolds.


The Humms 2009

We’re kickin in 2013. The GFR Travelin’ Variety Show (of-sorts) will be making TWO stops this weekend, first appearing (Friday) in Savannah, GA at the JINX with local cats NICHE only before heading up-stream the following evening (Saturday) to Augusta, GA’s famous SOUL BAR (Goodgod).  Join us as we burn gravel from the sea shore all the way to the Godfathers’ door step.

GYPSY-Bands between these bills include (but not on both shows!) The HUMMS, The RODNEY KINGS, Timmy Tumble and the Tumblers and Koko BEWARE.

Official Event Page for Savannah Show
Official Event Page for Augusta Show 

Also, stay-TOONED for next weekend’s activities when the GFR / Rodney Luther King Jr Fest CONTINUES into it’s second year!  We’ll be spinnin this in the mean-time :


Mothers hide yer children! Middle-Tennessee Hell raisers are floating into Athens this Saturday. You all know them from their SCORCHING singles “Dazy” and “Ramblin Man” that made the cut of this year’s compilation vinyl, Gypnosis – and WHOO could forget last year’s appearance at The Hangar, followed by the house party set where things got even sweatier (If you can believe it!),  We’ve watched these men for years now and WE KNOW you’ll want to watch them too!

Uncle Skunkle (and the Scarecrow Family Band) will hit the corner of The Go Bar, ready to tare one OWT around 11pm with GF luvables THE HUMMS and new comerzz MOTHER THE CAR, (pick up one of their debut EPs at the show!)