William Ross Group

From the opener “Foax”, we submerse into some kind of universal airport terminal that creeps and crawls along, slightly behind schedule while the listener may drift in-and-out of cave-dance consciousness, accepting the charges of what ghoulish collect call that is “Northern Telecomm 1967” before stoking into some low-down, late night, toasty-trio rehearsal on “Sundown In Pumpkintown / Soul & Sea Foam”.

The sessions, while mildly cinematic at times on “Spark Of A Shadow”, abruptly end as much as they wind up a start, only to derail into a manic collage of sound, interrupted often by the station’s disk jockey team that appear to be as delusional as the programming itself, perhaps due to lack of sleep and abundance of caffeine while they scramble to mention sponsors on the aptly titled “Coming In Hot”.

– Scud Harris – Gypsy Farm Network

“The spooky and half asleep “Stranger Rider” by William Ross Group (Zeke Sayer on electric piano and John Bleech on drums). Honestly, it’s like a Doors instrumental filtered through a John Fahey sensibility.”

– Gordon Lamb – Athens, GA

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