Ed Campbell

Photo by Michael Hayes

Ed Campbell is a songwriter & musician from the upstate of South Carolina that has been active since the 1970s. Notable projects associated with Campbell include Next Generation, 6-String Drag, Pine Tar Rage & The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show.

Having pinned literally hundreds of songs, no subject is off limits, nor too uncomfortable to croon as Campbell reflects upon one of his satirical songs, titled Let’s Go Back In Time:

“Some folks want to ‘Make America Great Again‘, to go back to when whitey controlled everything and black folks were lynched, police dogs tearing at them, fire hoses turned on them, discriminated against, couldn’t attend white schools etc…and, to the time when big industry could just dump whatever they wanted into streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. They seem to romanticize the 1950’s as the perfect time, but all of the above was happening and we were in the Cold War & afraid Russia was going to nuke us at any minute….so what if a mushroom cloud is at the back of your mind?”

“Let’s Go Back In Time” by Ed Campbell

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