All City Cannonballers

The All City Cannonballers are a rock and roll group fronted by J.S. Dillard on lead vocals and guitar. While the rhythm section has evolved several times, the last known incarnation of the band featured Matt Garrison on bass guitar, backing vocals & Zeke Sayer on drums.

“Sometimes you just want to thrash your arms about while tossing your sweat-drenched hair in every direction. Well, at least I do, and local three-piece All City Cannonballers’ self-titled debut lets me do just that. Maybe not at home, but I’m certain that’s how a live Cannonballers performance would go down. 

The majority of the seven-track album assaults with good old-fashioned punk rock.  The music is simply constructed, and the vocals aren’t perfect, but that’s OK. It’s loud, proud and in-your-face: everything that punk rock should be.

The All City Cannonballers have amplified nothing short of a modern-day rock opera that shifts seamlessly between songs and clocks in at approximately 25-27 minutes depending on the current level of octane.”


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