Timmy Tumble

Timmy & The Tumblers formed in 2011 in Athens, GA after Timmy Tumble (Tim Schreiber) began performing his home recorded music with his friends after many years of performing solo with a cassette backing tape. Formerly Tim Schreiber fronted the Athens group Col. Knowledge & The Lickity-Splits who released a record on Bomp!/Alive Records in 2005, as well as his teenage pop band growing up in Ypsilanti, MI, Cornish In a Turtleneck during the late 90’s/early 00’s.

As a 16 year-old in the late 90’s, Timmy was responsible for FOUND MAGAZINE’s “special find” in their first issue, The Ypsilanti All-Stars “Booty Rap Anthem” tape “The Booty Don’t Stop.” Timmy has played a in few other Athens groups, notably Dark Meat in 2005-10, Sugar Shakers (Featuring Madeline Adams) in 2002, and Casper & The Cookies in 2003-05.

Timmy Tumble and Colby Carter began playing music together around 2008, with Timmy joining Colby’s group, Mouser on bass, and shortly after Colby began playing Timmy’s tunes with Jacky Trash (of The HUMMS and California band, Pipsqueak) on drums, and JS Dillard (of the band, All City Cannonballers) on guitar. The group first included Joe Kubler on bass, who was then replaced by Patrick Ingram.

Currently Timmy & The Tumblers are working on a new album of full-band recordings. The band plays this new material as well as material from Timmy Tumble’s previous solo outings, “The Prynce of Ypsilanti” (2007), “Oh, Those Wild Wild Wednesdays (2011), & the “Head Honey EP” (2013).

“Unaffordable Love” by Timmy & The Tumblers

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