The Squirts

The late 90’s presented a special time for the punk rock music scene in Clemson, SC.  For the few acts that enjoyed some acclaim and notoriety there were countless never heard-much less-heard of and the Squirts are no exception.

After touring Roanoke, VA to Athens, GA on their 1997 cassette release “Crossing The Haw” the group got their tune LeeVing Texas on a 1998 compilation CD by Russ Hallauer’s record label Ghostmeat before disbanding as the millennium approached.  The Squirts remained on hiatus until a near fatal reunion in 2002.

The idea and notions behind “why” the Squirts got back together in the first place are still unclear and up for debate now almost twenty years later.  Thankfully, close friend of the band [Michael Hayes] is into making interesting films and decided the soon to-be reunion was worth documenting and so he began rolling on interviews and band practices throughout the year as the Squirts prepared for a tour which would kick off in Clemson, SC.

The group inevitably disbanded on camera and all footage sat in storage for over 10 years before it was edited into a feature full length movie titled “Beer Saved My Life : A Home Movie Starring The Squirts” (2014).

The movie premiered at a small screening in the garage of Johnny Ray’s – home of the Ratio Podcast and then once again the Squirts were no more.

THEN – earlier this Summer, our gypsy contact out of Salem sent word down to HQ that a re-reunion of The Squirts had been in talks to coincide with a proper screening of the movie on November 16th at Flicker Theatre in Athens Ga.

the squirts landline
The Squirts band meeting [from “Beer Saved My Life” movie]

Watch and share the official trailer for “Beer Saved My Life :A Home Movie Starring The Squirts” and stay tuned into the GF network for all the latest updates on this development.

OLD TIME RELIGION: All you ancient garage-punk types in Athens—well, some of you, anyway—may remember The Squirts. Time was, back in the late ’90s, this Clemson, SC/Athens crew was nearly guaranteed to show up, argue with each other, rock out and drink every beer around. If this tickles your fancy, you’ll be edified to know that Gypsy Farm Records maestro Zeke Sayer is putting on a Squirts re-reunion at Flicker Theatre and Bar Friday, Nov. 16. As a special treat, attendees will be treated to a screening of the Michael Hayes-shot documentary Beer Saved My Life, which covers the band’s initial reunion in 2002 and subsequent implosion. It was partly shot in Athens, too.” – Gordon Lamb – Athens, GA

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