Review: Mr. Husband: Cookie Pie

For fans of The Shins, Brian Wilson, or any ole Bedroom Pop.

Sometimes, a song comes along that is about damn near perfect. Of course ‘perfect’ is subjective to the listener. That being said, Mr. Husband’s song Cookie Pie may certainly challenge your own definition of such things.

The song comes off a sort of “greatest hits” record that was sent to GF early 2020, titled Songs of Friendship, Songs of Wonderment.

Mr. Husband has been on our throbbing heart radar ever since the 2017 release of Silvertone and 2020’s Hey Sufjan, You Took Too Long So I Went Ahead and Made West Virginia

“What a pleasure, what a gift to play music for you Dearest Listener and Good Friend! May these poofs of magical air caress your sacred earholes and fill your heart with joy. Sincerely, Your Brother in Friendship and Wonderment.” ~Kenny Husband (But that’s MR. Husband to YOU!)

Mr. Husband appears courtesy of Yellow K Records / Forged Artifacts / Good Soil.


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