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Photo by Serra Ferguson

GYPSY FARM field reporter, ZZ RYDER sent this to our door step last week.   He tells tall tails of GF’s third release, an upcoming show at Georgia Theatre and what really get’s his “BLOOD BOILING”  : : : :

OO BABY SUMMER 2012! Please accept my introduction to Gypsy Farm Records’ 11-Bones-of- Blues garage album GYPSNOSIS because it is like a DRUGTRIP!! It features Athens punx The Humms, Rodney Kings, Ice Creams, along with other desolated souls who made it into the studio such as These Magnificent Tapeworms, Ghost Lights, and Uncle Skunkle. And I’m sure that every girl falls in love each time those sweet babeez hear those psychedelic hustlers The Rodney Kings hoss-howlin’ on “I Wanna Meet you”! As the first GFR album to be pressed on vinyl, these gypsy boo-nanas have climbed on up the Naked Monkey Staircase. This same rekkid will be headed all over the world, via CD and download as well. I wonder when the single track “Roller Derby Girl” could’ve even had its garagey coolness contained inside the GYPSY FARM studio, and still maintained its influence of strychnine each time you hear it —- maybe they’ve channeled Stiv Bators’ ghost. It’s so strange — way harder than grunge rock — more roots punk style. Not to mention, right now I’m remembering These Magnificent Tapeworms showing me how it’s done on multiple occasions live. Some of these recordings date back to 2008, but it’s clear that nothing’s changed there, coming out of the cloud of 2011.


The plan is to finally release the badass record this month, hopefully surrounding when I play drums on thee black night of our Georgia Theater show.  The rock & roll record captures the experience of live experimentations with a ZZ promise to save folks one at a time with each stomp n’ bop out of it. Haphazardly–mannered love songs of Athens are usually ones to gain publicity, but GFR tunes are anything but that, the best example being The Humms’ red hot new singles (which I was proud to lay down butter-beats on) “THE DAZE” and “DEATH MOURNIN’ BLUES.” Then there’s those other bands that Zeke recorded on the skinny end like Ghost Lights and Uncle Skunkle who just nail the early rock n roll sound of The Sonics and Paul Revere — examples being “See No Evil” and “Ramblin’ Man.” I don’t think many country bands made it on this LP, but we’ll get those on another one. Take the ZZ (and Zeke’s) guarantee when I say this 12″ compilation album ain’t watered down by any means, and of course preview it online if you haven’t already.

Courtesy CCP

People should come down to the Georgia Theater June 15 to get in on some of this Gypnosis HIGH ’cause I got a feelin’ it’s gonna be a hot one, but also because I’m leaving town afterwards, and am sure you’re gonna miss me. The Humms are dire, the way the big bad wolf is dire, and the Gypsy Farm name says it all: a gypsy army comprising of The Ghost Lights, Rodney Kings, and even others like Figboots and Koko B Ware that were just too over our heads to make it on this first release. All are poised to wage the secret war on rock n roll, and the hands of time will tell how many other artists shall be joining the cause to sing with us! What everyone needs to dew is get their tickets NOW, and I guess it’s on us to grab the guitar strings. The show shall kick off early that Friday night, it’s only 5 DOLLARS and let it be known that Gypsy Farm welcomes all to this special show, no matter how bad that sounds!

Photo by Jared Cobb

Everybody near and far pictures the Shoal Creek Music Park (AKA Gypsy Farm) as the matchstick that’s sparked so many a man’s mind to music up until now, and despite the standbys, it looks like this has not changed. I’ve been part of this ride for over two years now, and am very excited about releases this summer, especially about the sharp-looking vinyl Gypnosis release.

I’ve found out recently about the Gypsinettes’ tune “Baby Darlin” and Shoal Creek legend Clem Sayer’s “Nine Pound Hammer” that are online, and that’s the kind of thing that really gets my blood roaring. Please contact us to stay in the loop of everything happening right now because you’re you never know what you’re gonna see from this hurricane known as GFR rock n’ roll “after the sun goes down and the clouds all frown”! Every release shall be dispensed like trash upon the people, as everything GFR gets posted online FREE to ALL, just like most our shows I think. Love is all around, and if you want to share it with us, buy something from the Gypsy Farm store as support for us frowning clowns; and if you’ve got a band, let GFR know every time that you’re into the idea of coming into our studio, playing a show, or even if you’ve just got some fun skeletons to share!
With all my friends’ psychotic Georgia garage rock and folk groups on board, respectively, the busy-bodied booms continue to be felt from all the new side projects sprouting up, but how about those coming out of the ones that be fixin’ to die? The rest of the gypsy family can take their cue around Zeke getting the Shoal Creek Stranglers and The Ice Creams off the ground, both of which are off to a promising start, and I for one am gonna be stoked to have a live band playing “Don’t Be Slow.” I can only hope my good friends can get a solid cover band together in time for Halloween this year, not that we don’t already run the gauntlet of roots rock, from Bunker Hill to Sam the Sham.

Photo by WJ

I think we’re all eager to get back in Zeke’s studio to work on all the new projects and properly release all the material we’ve compiled thus far, ’cause if we don’t it’s bound to get lost in the wind like a bat blown away all around the corner. I know that The HUMMS’ music is immortal, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am yet just mortally ZZ RYDER. Come around my block sometime, and I’ll get ya some awesome nachos (from Taco Stand)!
This whole trip has been such a DAZE, but I’ve sure gotten a lot out of being drummer of The Humms, ’cause there’s always some magic fueling the fire there whenever the gypsy guitar hitz! Not only that, but are you seeing how the beginnings to this record label are paired up with the great traditions to the likes of Little Richard? Do you want more really weird radio / films / festivals? I been working with Zeke to bring you people what you want! It’s been a long ride since I got on, through turbulence, a ton of great parties, but now are we ready to really transcend crappy bands and head into the spotlight?
I just happened to be born under a bad sign, and so maybe my two-headed death thing has led me on a tumble way down here now to the bluezz.
Once again, I advise you to come get a piece of it all Friday June 15th because no one (you or your 8 friends) is gonna be exempt from enjoying this GFR turning point of our first vinyl album release!

ZZ — Hope ya’ll get me some more Trout Mask

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