The first day of 2012

What is this? are we dead yet? 2012 is here. The day was spent in reflection of the upcoming months. I caught up on my current book, “Is Elvis Alive?” which points out several interesting points about the king, claiming Presley’s insurance was never claimed and his middle name misspelled on his own head stone. A fascinating story regardless.

What lay ahead in 2012 for GYPSY FARM? I could say a lot- alot of plans. One said it’s foolish to make plans but everyone can have “ideas”.  A few thoughts at the moment – a new HUMMS 7″, perhaps another band compulation? A Mr. Stewart has just signed on with his fancy filming equipment to begin documenting,  the first ever GYPSY FARM presents 3-day house show is set to happen in 13 days,  the puddles are being poured in place- new, old and interesting music is being found and tagged for release on the GYPSY NET.  Stay TOON’ed

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