Here lay a handful of interesting GF related happenings that are to take place this month of March – Beginning TODAY as Mother the Car returns to the city of soul, Augusta, GA  where they’ll be visiting the ever awesome SOUL BAR.  Flashing forward to Friday the 13th we see T.S Woodward and The Shoal Creek Stranglers performing for the first time at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, GA as part of their “Martinis and IMAX” series.  Following unconfirmed appearances, The Shoal Creek Stranglers will croon on for the remainder of March, celebrating Saint Paddy’s Day with Rabies Scythe Fight at the GO BAR in Athens, GA on the 17th followed by a stringing of Hartwell, GA at the legendary Bluegrass Express venue on thee 28th.

Mar 11thMother The Car, Free Associates – Soul Bar – Augusta, GA – EVENT PAGE

Mar 13thT.S. Woodward, The Shoal Creek Stranglers – Fernbank’s Martinis and IMAX – Atlanta, GA – EVENT PAGE

Mar 17thThe Shoal Creek Stranglers, Rabies Scythe Fight, Big Mike Mystery and Crunchy – GO BAR – Athens, GA – EVENT PAGE

Mar 28thThe Shoal Creek Stranglers – Bluegrass Express – Hartwell, GA – EVENT PAGE

Upcoming Shows


Noble happenings from the GF family this month :

NOV 6  All City Cannonballers / 10 pm – GREEN ROOM / Athens, GA

NOV 15   Shoal Creek Stranglers / 7pm – WONDERROOT / Atlanta, GA 

NOV 21   Shoal Creek Stranglers / 10:30pm – CALEDONIA / Athens, GA

NOV 21  The Cryptides / 11:30pm – CALEDONIA / Athens, GA

NOV 22   Old Smokey / 12:30am – CALEDONIA / Athens, GA

NOV 29  Shoal Creek Stranglers / 7:30pm – BLUEGRASS EXP / Hartwell, GA

NOV 30  The Drovers  / 11am –  Providence UMC / Lavonia, GA






Shoal Creek Stranglers

In a last minute surprise message that washed up on the banks of Shoal Creek just moments ago, a note read : “SCS to perform Tonight in Athens, GA at The Secret Swamp / 11pm – donate for the touring bands!”

RSVP to the Official EVENT PAGE

View / Share this video of the Stranglers performing “WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU DIE?” last Saturday night at Bluegrass Express in Hartwell GA / Thanks Andrew for video


Saturday, Feb 2nd 200013 thee infamous Shoal Creek Stranglers are to be ‘Stringin and Singin” at JOANS PLACE – (out on Old Hwy 29 in Hartwell, GA) at 11AM-SO SHARP!  Special Guests include her honorableness, Judge T. Brown and the HART Huggers / bee theree

Here we have the Stranglers performing a Roger Miller tune, last year at Jack’s Picking Parlor // Williamston, SC

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