Monday Afternoon and a Catfish Sandwich

While having a smoke outside the gas station, I was waiting on ZZ to finish paying for his catfish sandwich when I was approached by a fella who claimed to be an up and coming rapper with his rapping pals, on the road promoting their music. Fantastic! I can sympathize with that. Continue reading “Monday Afternoon and a Catfish Sandwich”

And that was Sunday

I pulled out of GF this morning and noticed there was blood shed in the road. Buzzards, a dog with a hunk of meat in it’s mouth. Let’s get this day started off right. Pulled into the little country church up the road and played a couple of songs. Good honest folks there, I’d say half of them haven’t truly been soiled by the Man Made Safety Net, called Religion.  They’re  starting to celebrate Christmas, I never cared to0 much for Christmas music. Too tied down I suppose. Ray Steven’s “Santa Clause Is Watching You” is an exception, however.

God, The Humms are to play in Athens tonight. I need to pack. Got packed, and I noticed there are about 15 broken amps in the studio, I think I need to give my man MR WEEMS a ring.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s what’s in spin at the Farm this morning :

“Roller Derby Girl” performed by Carbondale, IL’s own THESE MAGNIFICENT TAPEWORMS from their BEACH FEVER LP – Recorded at GYPSY FARM Winter 09/10.


“Completely ace garage fun time with The Humms. Lead track “Are You Dead?” has a great surf feel to it with a brilliant pop chorus. Quite Pixies-like in it’s approach, but much more melodic with a few twists and turns in it like Mercury Rev on amphetamines – certainly far from the two-chord end of the garage spectrum. If there’s any justice in the world this would be a huge hit! “Do The Graverobber” is also totally great, as is the rest of this manic, wildly inventive and goddamn catchy-as-shit EP. Best thing I’ve heard in ages.”


“ARE YOU DEAD?” is currently out of print, although it is still available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD