Interview: Skud Harris

We sent field correspondent, Plez Jay, out to catch up with record producer, Skud Harris, & briefly talk production techniques employed during The Humms’ recording sessions for Pelzer Fuck Club.

PJ: You keep odd hours.

SH: Yeah, I don’t think the band (Humms) were too excited about early morning sessions at first.

PJ: Well, the proof is in the pudding, yes?

*long pause, as Harris searches his pockets for a cigar lighter.

SH: Everyone’s got appearances to keep up. You’ve got to tend to the garden or shovel the walk. Do you understand what I’m saying?

PJ: I think so.

PJ: How did Bleech (John Bleech, drummer) & yourself approach recording drums on this record?

SH: I had to sneak up on him (Bleech).

John Bleech in Alabama, 2009.

SH: On the song Singing Pines for example, he wasn’t even aware that we were rolling. I’m not sure any of them (Humms) were.

PJ: Tell me about the microphones.

SH: I’m horrible with names & numbers. I left a lot of that to them.

SH: They know what they like to use & usually have it set up already. I remember the broadcast mic (Electro-Voice RE20) hanging around a lot for vocals, guitar/bass cab & kick.

SH: I did like the Audix i5 & used it quite a bit, actually.

PJ: Really?

SH: And that was running into an SSL channel.

PJ: What did you find yourself using it on?

SH: Everything! Literally. One song on PFC was entirely recorded with i5 microphones.

PJ: Which one?

SH: I’ll never tell you.

*Harris fills the small interview area with a cloud of cigar smoke as he erupts into laughter.

PJ: Could you elaborate on the guitar sounds? specifically the distortions on PFC?

SH: There were different devices that we used. A Viking preamp ripped from an old reel-to-reel machine, blasting the input stage of the SSL directly was a favorite & I had to keep them from over-using it.

PJ: What does a record producer do, in your mind?

SH: I help artists paint themselves out of a corner.

PJ: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Skud.

The Humms, 2020 by C. Doran

Harris stabs out his cigar with one hand, reaching into his jacket pocket with the other, offering up a surprise, in true “more-than-you-can-chew” fashion.

Unfolding the faded, yellow slip of paper, he admits:

“This is one of my little lists of Life-Savers”

“Things that help counter down the time between any unforeseen issues that may crop up during a recording session, but use at your own risk.”

Steel Spring Clamps
For those times when you needed three hands & you’ve used up all your tape on the drummer’s mouth.

Moving Blankets
Several applications. Aided by the previously mentioned spring clamps. Take a couple mic stands & make your own safe space.

Comfortable Clothing
This can be as simple as bringing an extra pair of socks. Don’t come at me wearing flip flops in February.

This will fix everything from noisy door hinges, to stubborn band van lug nuts. Spray away from any microphone grills. Better yet, cover those grills. Just go outside.

Cable checker
This handy device streamlines the trouble-shooting process, & some offer a variety of tools for testing, like a Tone-Generator (Behringer CT100).

Rechargeable Batteries
Go ahead & remove any old batteries in gear that isn’t going to be cycled on for a while. Clean up old battery acid once, & it gets easier to remember these simple things.

Mini-screw driver set
You may need to open compartments that use super tiny fixtures and no one needs a stripped screw.

Mini-metal pliers
These have gotten me out of a jam more times than I can count.

Some bulbs can effect certain people & remember, not every one likes lava lamps.

Mini-Vice Grips
They come in handy, in more ways than one.

“Don’t call yourself an engineer if you don’t know what this is” – SH

The Humms, Pelzer Fuck Club (produced by Harris) is available now from Gypsy Farm Records on vinyl, cassette, & where all fine music is streamed.

The Humms, Pelzer Fuck Club (2022)

RELEASE: Tape Feed, Vol: 1

Introducing… a tape that feeds!

After last year’s successful donation to the local food bank, we staffed our producer Willie Shears with the task of assembling years worth of various recordings from deep within the Gypsy Farm vault into a tangible compilation for your enjoyment but also, the benefit of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization networking with 200 food banks.

The result is Tape Feed, Vol: 1. Each limited edition cassette is a direct, real-time copy of the original hi-fee-fi-fo-fum master recordings and even include a digital download to boot.

With appearances by Old Smokey, Vincas, Nate & the Nightmares, the Humms, Sea of Dogs, Sweet Auburn String Band, 432 Sessions, Pine Tar Rage, Koko Beware & the Haunted Head.

Shears’ selection of GF recordings span a whole decade from 2010 through 2020, and all in all recorded at GF-HQ with the exception of Nate & The Nightmares – Everyday recorded live at Georgia theatre in 2014 while opening for Charles Bradley.

With exclusive tracks like Vincas – Phantasma (Live at Gypsy Farm) and the traditional bluegrass arrangements of 432 sessions – Buffalo Skinners (Jed & Harry Clark, Cory Walker & Jeff Partin) you can rest assured that it’s going to be an eclectic sum of tracks.

Enjoy Tape Feed, Vol 1 and simultaneously help deflect hunger, food waste & climate change by donating to the local food bank.

GFR label celebrates 10 years

As we’ve found ourselves nearing the end of an amazingly bazaar year, the realization came upon a windy night at Gypsy Farm that our label division is now (unbelievably) a decade old.

Ten years of records, cds, tapes, streams, dreams, clips and trips with still one more release slated for 2018 – Uncle Goo’s follow-up crooner titled  “Mallory” due out on December 3rd.

The following day (Dec 4th) you will find the Ice Creams performing one of two Athens, GA concerts in support of their self-titled EP at the Go Bar with an additional show commencing on December 20th at Flicker Theatre and Bar.

GF contributor WJAY has expressed a strong hope that we’ll see you all in another decade going on to toast :

Here’s to a continuation of releasing music and visuals we find interesting and a huge thank you to all that have supported GFR and it’s artists through-out the decade whether it be by recording in our studio, spinning our records or going out to see the live shows.  Thank you!

GF Studio Salutations


While reflecting on the sessions that took place throughout the year (and those booked into December) – we find ourselves overflowing with excitement and much anticipation in seeing those projects unleashed in 2016.

From Bluegrass to Rap to suspenseful film scoring and everything in-between, It’s been a busy year for the rural based recording studio located in North-Eastern Georgia.

“We aim to keep plugged in, warmed up and ready to mix into the new season.” said WJAY, chief engineer.

Thank you to all who visited with GFR in 200015, before and beyond.

For more information on Gypsy Farm’s extremely fair rates for technical audio assistance with multi-track, overdubbing and/or mixing your project in-house or on-location, be sure and check out the studio page or contact us!

Oh my, July

Silvertone Bone by WJAY

Gypsy correspondents confirmed that numerous assemblies have been taking place within the studio sector during this month and seem to entertain a slight promise of some strange (and exciting) projects that will finally be coming-to-light as time allows through out this year and next.

The remaining GF happenin’s for JULY (and early AUG) include :

The Rodney Kings at Little Kings / Athens, Ga / 10:45pm / July 30th

Old Smokey at 40 Watt / Athens, GA / 9:00pm / July 30th

Shoal Creek Stranglers at NICK’s / Clemson, SC / 10:00pm / July 31st

All City Cannonballers at Little Kings / Athens, GA / 7:30pm / Aug 1st

The Cryptides at Hi Lo Lounge / Athens, Ga / 10:15pm / Aug 2nd

The Cryptides at Kavarna / Decatur, GA / 8:00pm / Aug 15th



Quicker than thee stench of expensive bourbon oozing out of Washington today, Elf Power releases their new record on Orange Twin / Darla.  The band visited GF studio during the Summer of 2012 to track for the album, listen to the title track “Sunlight On The Moon” via soundcloud below :

and stream the entire record (for a few more days) via NPR

“[Elf Power] recorded the latest record in a variety of settings ranging from singer/songwriter Andrew Rieger’s home studio, to Athens, GA’s The Glow studio, to Lavonia, GA’s Gypsy Farm Studios, a long derelict country music theatre located in rural Georgia. Newly renovated and transformed into a recording studio, the beautiful auditorium hosted concerts from the likes of Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and George Jones throughout the 1970s and 1980s.”


See Elf Power on tour this month with Neutral Milk Hotel and Deerhunter




Local weavers of the string dream known as “Old Smokey” have finished their debut record,  titled “Wester Easter” and may we say, it’s an ear tickling treasure for sure.  While we have not confirmed when it is to be released,  our morning feeds are still spurting streams of magic via Robert Lomax’s direct vimeo line that reevealed a new video of the band’s latest single, “Leggy”.  Shot on the spot at GFR, the clip captures cameo appearances by  GF patrolmen Sgt Boogie and Funkin Duncan.   Watch and Share via the player below :

Catch Old Smokey SEPTEMBER 1st
7pm So SHARP!


Jim Old Smokey


Until thee full leigth is released, cut yer teeth and jet on over to the GF STORE to grab a copy of their  7″ / CD, released earlier this year on Gypsy Farm Records.




Athens’ own trio of chaos curators are at it again, THE RODNEY KINGS are making their voyage back to GF studio to cut two sides of pure poppin punk for our next issue release #GF004 – The Rodney Kings / IRENE 7-INCH.  Sometime earlier this month, GF Armed guards hand-delivered the official MASTERS to the pressing plant and we are currently awaiting approval of the test prints. Check and share the song “IRENE” below and watch the video of the Kings at work in the Gypsy Studio, kindly brought to you by GF film man Sir Stephen.   STAY TOONED for details***


ELF POWER has set up camp in the GF Studio and commenced to colorfully churning OWT all kinds of goodness.  Thank YEW Laura for the tea basket.  I remember seeing the band back in 2008 at the Georgia Theatre (Pre-Burn) and fell in love-and onto the floor soon after.   Here they are doing “Jane” from 1999’s “A Dream In Sound” (OTR) and was produced by  Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips).  STAY TOONED

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