The BLACK LIPS in Athens

On a Wednesday evening, we made our way down to “The Manor” in Athens, GA – a venue known for it’s Lazers, Fog and Ying Yang Twin hosted events.  At around 10pm the curtain raised, The RODNEY KINGS chomped down on the sound and folks where physically fine to show for it, bless their hearts. They throbbed and bobbed their bones baby. There was a middle band, Tallycox that seemed well rounded with “top notch musical-movement-minded-musicians”-no doubt.  I slipped upstairs and bumped into D-ROC and KAINE momentarily.

Sliding into the midnight hour, the lips kicked things off with “SEA OF BLASPHEMY”–and a sea it soon was of beer, bottles, cans, shoes and bodies as the band played new cuts direct from their latest release (Arabia Mountain) with older material in between.  It was the usual Lipsy show without the gimmicks, although I believe some of the new comers where still in “shock from the rock” said one innocent groove stricken-lady.  They played an Almighty Defenders song (Bow Down and Die) and then soon after ended somewhere around “BAD KIDS”. Seeing the lips many a time between all of ourselves, the show still came nothing short of a rawkously recharging–perhaps an alcoholic reboot for some, and simply a twist of the hips for others.  / WJ

Pictured : Ian Saint Pe (Guitar/Vox for BL)

Photo Credit : KELLY O


These Raww-thrashin punks from Athens, GA have produced (for lack of more appropriate slang) a 7INCH for Virginia’s WONDERTRICK label — and rarely does any firecracker on this devil-dish fizzle any longer than 40 seconds.  The music is maddening, spaced out mostly from your own imagination in-between muffed out little teases–Yet, a flip over to side B oozes the repetitive (and unexpectedly relaxing) drone of ROTTER.   Read more about MUUY BIIEN in this article from VICE




Just this past weekend, Athens’ own action attraction, Timmy Tumble and The Tumblers took to the Tumblin Tennessee road,  stopping briefly in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga.   For those that don’t know, this band features Tim Schreiber who fronted  Colonel Knowledge and the Lickity-Splits (ALIVE!/BOMP!), as well as members of All City Canonballers, Mouser and The Humms.  Check OWT this grooving show review we dug up from the band’s stop at the Springwater Bar in Nashville, TN last Friday night :


“First up were Timmy and the Tumblers, who, as we were about to find out, take their identity quite seriously.”  —–“The crowd on hand was pretty thin, but that didn’t discourage Schrieber from trying to engage every last person in the building, taking cues from his time with legendary Athens psych band Dark Meat. He used every inch of his extra-long mic cable to explore the space, offering one verse as he reclined with his feet on the merch table, the next crooned on one knee to an unsuspecting patron, the next as he rolled around on the floor after doing a somersault from the lip of the four-inch-high stage. (Seems he didn’t notice or care that this place has a different kind of five-second rule: If it’s on the floor for more than five seconds, you might be better off burning it, whatever it is.) Straining against his tether, he even sang face-to-face with the regulars watching football. They smiled and nodded — yeah kid, that’s nice. It takes a lot more than that to peak their weird-shit-o-meter.”




Here at GF, We’ve been tickling the musical catalog of Athens’ HAM1 for well over the past year.  Although the band is now defunct and no longer together, they’ve left behind countless capsules that shall not cease to be re-discovered as time grows into future.  “WHITE RAT” is one tune especially charming to the emotional ear, plucked directly from  “The Captain’s Table” record  (2007 / Orange Twin Records).  It grooves, prooves and mooves your thought process; alarming the mellow moods that your mind has stored away for the day.  Take it in, catch the HAM1 Review that our own Zeb Garrison posted earlier this year and CUT YOUR TEETH on their new incarnation around town, known as OLD SMOKEY.

Listen to “White Rat” By HAM1 and click here to buy the record!

“WHITE RAT” courtesy of Orange Twin Records.  Photo by Ben McCormick


This is a record called “Castlemania” by a San-Fran band called “Thee Oh Sees”.  It was released in May 2011 by IN THE RED. There’s a tune on it called “Stinking Cloud” and it is utterly BEWTIFUL.  Perhaps this is the lost tape from that time The Trashmen took acid.  The vinyl version features 2 LPs, although the album is only 3-sided, but the 4th side is a REALLY COOL etching that includes that tag line from this song. “We’re Dead, Dead, Dead as I’ve Already Said!”  Catch Thee Oh Sees in ATLANTA, GA with TY SEGALL next month at THE GOAT FARM on SEPTEMBER 18th

Do Wacka Do Stoned

This musical SAINT hogged most of GF’s summer playlist; and is still holding strong – Everyone knows him as “King of the Road” and some even remember his soundtrack for Disney’s ROBIN HOOD (Oodoo Lolly Oodoo Lolly!) Roger Miller was the original bag. He wrote and played guitar with George Jones, played drums, fiddle and sang in other well known Country-Western acts and all the while forming his own music that was decades ahead of time such as “The Moon Is High”, “I Ain’t Coming Home Tonight” and “That’s Why I love you like I Do”, pulled from his catalog of over 800 songs.

Here he is in a video taken from 1966’s OPRY ALMANAC. Please allow 9 seconds of digital trickery before the image shows itself. Apparently- Miller, “Thumbs” and the rest of the band (which includes the Crickets’ Drummer!) had spent the early morning hours smoking and drinking back stage before going on to appear live at 6am and totally bring the house down. This is a hazy, improvised version of Rogers’ hit “Do Wacka Do” that (in my opinion) rivals the original studio version. If you feel fuzzy, check out the FULL EPISODE of Roger Miller’s 1966 Opry Am appearance. You can’t be sorry!

Let’s Go On and On and On (Ham1)

You may remember seeing these cats around Athens, and if you do then I’m sure you remember how it touched you, in some way or another. “Let’s Go On and On and On” is the 4th album by Ham1. The following is a review of this little 2010 gem put out by Cleft Records.

Ham1’s 2010 release “Let’s Go On and On and On” is an album of beautifully executed guitar tones and mixes that teem with sonic gifts for any listener.  Unrestrained melodic “warm fuzzies” spill onto and swim upon each track’s evolving landscape from corners you might not have been sure were there.  Continue reading “Let’s Go On and On and On (Ham1)”