Recorded from 2008 through 2012, this new release is slabbed with prime cuts straight from the GF vault of Garage RAWK, Scooby Pop and Poppin’ Punk.  It is an 11-track Compilation featuring The Humms, The Rodney Kings, These Magnificent Tapeworms, The Ice Creams, Uncle Skunkle and Ghost Lights.

It is available in 3 forms :

VINYL ($10) – CD ($5) – D/L (FREE)

Feel free to stream the LP in it’s ENTIRETY via this here player :


ZZ Ryder touches base with GF

Photo by Serra Ferguson

GYPSY FARM field reporter, ZZ RYDER sent this to our door step last week.   He tells tall tails of GF’s third release, an upcoming show at Georgia Theatre and what really get’s his “BLOOD BOILING”  : : : :

OO BABY SUMMER 2012! Please accept my introduction to Gypsy Farm Records’ 11-Bones-of- Blues garage album GYPSNOSIS because it is like a DRUGTRIP!! It features Athens punx The Humms, Rodney Kings, Ice Creams, along with other desolated souls who made it into the studio such as These Magnificent Tapeworms, Ghost Lights, and Uncle Skunkle. And I’m sure that every girl falls in love each time those sweet babeez hear those psychedelic hustlers The Rodney Kings hoss-howlin’ on “I Wanna Meet you”! As the first GFR album to be pressed on vinyl, these gypsy boo-nanas have climbed on up the Naked Monkey Staircase. This same rekkid will be headed all over the world, via CD and download as well. I wonder when the single track “Roller Derby Girl” could’ve even had its garagey coolness contained inside the GYPSY FARM studio, and still maintained its influence of strychnine each time you hear it —- maybe they’ve channeled Stiv Bators’ ghost. It’s so strange — way harder than grunge rock — more roots punk style. Not to mention, right now I’m remembering These Magnificent Tapeworms showing me how it’s done on multiple occasions live. Some of these recordings date back to 2008, but it’s clear that nothing’s changed there, coming out of the cloud of 2011. Continue reading “ZZ Ryder touches base with GF”

GF003 in works

GYPSY FARM is gearing up to make it’s third release, a compilation of recordings from our studio ranging from 2008-2012. Plans for Vinyl and CD are underway.

While the boys over in the studio sector of GF are keeping awefully quiet about this one, no release date has been made available as of yet but we are told that the compilation will be presented under the name of “GYPNOSIS” and feature 5 bands, including two new tunes from THE HUMMS! Stay TOON’d


Without even giving the tubes a chance to cool down after the UNCLE SKUNKLE visit, HQ was once again put through a 3 day race to capture some golden goodness from Atlanta’s rockin power trio -otherwise known as GHOST LIGHTS. They also run a pretty radd house space in the city, properly named the GHOST HOUSE. These ghouls laid down 18 numbers during their stay, some for upcoming ghostly edibles, one of which is slated for a GYPSY FARM VINYL release coming soon, but I can say no more.

You however, can listen :


On the cover of the Humms’ “Don’t Think About Death” 45, singer Zeke Sayer grins like a giant pale-faced mestophalian spider, death in a black hoodie, with a cigarette for a scythe. Don’t think—just listen as you follow him to a monster mash in the deep south where some ghoul has spiked the punch with mescaline. This 7”, with tracks off their 2010 Lemonland album, showcases the Humms’ signature haunting surf-rock style. Like a zombie shredding a tasty wave, the tracks “Don’t Think About Death” and “Buttermilk” are a little scary and a lot of fun.

The title track opens with a catchy yet contemplative surf riff that runs throughout the song and sounds as if it were being transmitted from the Other Side through some haunted transistor radio and accompanied by a head-nodding drumbeat. On “Buttermilk,” lyrics warn you of your own imminent filicide, while an accordion eerily warbles in the background, eventually finishing out the track alone like a specter chasing you through a long dark hallway. With a title that recalls the Ramones, inviting a comparison between Uncle Sam and the Klan, the third and final track, “Uncle Sam Took My Baby Away” is done in the style of a Southern spiritual and laments for a lover gone off to serve, a relevant sentiment in any war-time period and all the more so today. It’s simple and effective, and upbeat enough that you’ll want to sing along, and probably dance too.

—Nick Collins – L.A. RECORD

Available on Black Vinyl, GLOW in the DARK Vinyl and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


“Recorded, produced, and lovingly hand-packaged by fire-breathing frontman Zeke Sayer, The Humms’ debut LP is an 18-track behemoth of psych-rock energy. The raw garage psycho-billy numbers that dominate their live shows are all here. The shotgun blast opener “Blood Sucking Vampire” establishes the band’s signature, sinister tone, and that tone lingers throughout like the stench of reanimated flesh, from the zombified swing dance “Buttermilk,” to the satanic surf of “Brown Haired Devil.” In between these well-traveled live staples, however, the band shows off surprising versatility and a rarely seen softer side.

Southern gothic-flavored acoustic numbers like “Uncle Sam Took My Baby Away” bring their spooky sensibility to traditional country, while the eerie, doowop-tinged “Strawberry Glue” sounds like it’s drifting straight up from the malt shop jukebox in hell. For a band that specializes in ghoulish shocks, the most shocking thing about this album may be the presence of the truly touching “Talking to a Ghost.” Without abandoning his commitment to spirit world imagery, Sayer offers lines like “we’ll stay and haunt this haunted house/ watch cable from the old wood couch/ pack smokes from your tobacco pouch/ at least I finally found myself” with a gentle whisper and a heartfelt sincerity. All of this diversity makes The Humms’ first album something of a mixed Halloween bag, full of a few tricks, a lot of treats, and not one lemon in the bunch. Presumably, when life gave The Humms lemons, they made Lemonland.”


Available on beautiful 12″ Vinyl, Full Color CD, Cassette and Digital Download.