This is a record called “Castlemania” by a San-Fran band called “Thee Oh Sees”.  It was released in May 2011 by IN THE RED. There’s a tune on it called “Stinking Cloud” and it is utterly BEWTIFUL.  Perhaps this is the lost tape from that time The Trashmen took acid.  The vinyl version features 2 LPs, although the album is only 3-sided, but the 4th side is a REALLY COOL etching that includes that tag line from this song. “We’re Dead, Dead, Dead as I’ve Already Said!”  Catch Thee Oh Sees in ATLANTA, GA with TY SEGALL next month at THE GOAT FARM on SEPTEMBER 18th



Athens’ own trio of chaos curators are at it again, THE RODNEY KINGS are making their voyage back to GF studio to cut two sides of pure poppin punk for our next issue release #GF004 – The Rodney Kings / IRENE 7-INCH.  Sometime earlier this month, GF Armed guards hand-delivered the official MASTERS to the pressing plant and we are currently awaiting approval of the test prints. Check and share the song “IRENE” below and watch the video of the Kings at work in the Gypsy Studio, kindly brought to you by GF film man Sir Stephen.   STAY TOONED for details***


ELF POWER has set up camp in the GF Studio and commenced to colorfully churning OWT all kinds of goodness.  Thank YEW Laura for the tea basket.  I remember seeing the band back in 2008 at the Georgia Theatre (Pre-Burn) and fell in love-and onto the floor soon after.   Here they are doing “Jane” from 1999’s “A Dream In Sound” (OTR) and was produced by  Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips).  STAY TOONED

Do Wacka Do Stoned

This musical SAINT hogged most of GF’s summer playlist; and is still holding strong – Everyone knows him as “King of the Road” and some even remember his soundtrack for Disney’s ROBIN HOOD (Oodoo Lolly Oodoo Lolly!) Roger Miller was the original bag. He wrote and played guitar with George Jones, played drums, fiddle and sang in other well known Country-Western acts and all the while forming his own music that was decades ahead of time such as “The Moon Is High”, “I Ain’t Coming Home Tonight” and “That’s Why I love you like I Do”, pulled from his catalog of over 800 songs.

Here he is in a video taken from 1966’s OPRY ALMANAC. Please allow 9 seconds of digital trickery before the image shows itself. Apparently- Miller, “Thumbs” and the rest of the band (which includes the Crickets’ Drummer!) had spent the early morning hours smoking and drinking back stage before going on to appear live at 6am and totally bring the house down. This is a hazy, improvised version of Rogers’ hit “Do Wacka Do” that (in my opinion) rivals the original studio version. If you feel fuzzy, check out the FULL EPISODE of Roger Miller’s 1966 Opry Am appearance. You can’t be sorry!