The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show

The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show was officially formed in 1987 and has been playing hard charging hillbilly music with a good dose of country humor ever since. The band started out as a kind of back porch honky tonk band, but over the years with the lineup and instrumentation shifting here and there, has become a bare knuckles bluegrass band with a good dose of country humor.

Ed Campbell (Grandpa – guitar and lead vocals) started the band in 1987, Carl Yother (Uncle Carl – banjo and baritone vocals) joined up in 1991, Ray Harper (Cousin Ray – fiddle) joined in 1992 and Lindsey Cole (Dalvin – upright bass and tenor vocals) joined in 1996.

The band wears the hillbilly label as proudly as they do their bibbed overalls and stage names. From day one the band has used stage names like the Grand Old Opry performers that Campbell always admired, such as Cousin Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones, and Cousin Jody.

The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show has released 5 full length original recordings and appeared on many compilations, most notably Diamond Cuts a series of CDs with baseball themed songs with such names as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, George Winston, Paul Simon, and Sam Bush.