Gypsy Farm is a collection of thought, sound and ideas.

Chairman, director: W.JAY
Studio chief, engineer: W.JAY jr.
Manager, engineer: Xeke Zayer
Content, engineer: Zaleb Garr
Visual engineer, rig: Sir Stephen
Visual, content, rig: Chitto Royce
Producer, writer: Willie Shears
Writer/copy: Billie Shears
Photos, content: K.JAY
Press, content: Plez Jay
Writer, content: Rex Howard
Writer, content: Garrett Carpenter
Concierge, content: J. Arby jr
Support, tech: Mr. Brown
Support, tech: Davey Kay
Support, tech: El Trick
Support, tech: T.S & co.

Current roster (active/inactive):

The Ice Creams
The Humms
Uncle Goo
Bat & The Bears
Marble Soup
Shoal Creek Stranglers
Pine Tar Rage
The Country Dragons
The Haunted Head
Ed Campbell
The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show
Lug Nut Jerry & The Hotwire Choir
William Ross Group
All City Cannonballers
Old Smokey
The Rodney Kings
Timmy Tumble & The Tumblers
Mother The Car
T.S. Woodward Trio
The Cryptides
These Magnificent Tapeworms
Uncle Skunkle & The Scarecrow Family Band
Ghost Lights

Currently distributing fine materials to:

Wuxtry Records – Athens, GA
Low Yo Yo Records – Athens, GA
Stickfigure Distribution – Atlanta, GA
Karew Sports – Hartwell, GA
Yesterdaze Records – Seneca, SC
The Edge – Anderson, SC
Terrapin Station – Murray, KY
We Used To Drink Together – Columbus, OH
Yellow K Records – Frostburg, MD

Zeke in Studio
Zeke Sayer 2019