Gypsy Farm (GFR) is headquartered conveniently between Greenville SC and Atlanta, Georgia (USA), specializing in audio recording, artist development, limited video, and paranormal investigation.

The Gypsy Farm Network is a collection of sound, thought and ideas. A division of K.L.E.M. / Parkertown Industries. Since 2008.

Chairman, director: WJAY
Studio chief, engineer: WJAY jr
Manager, engineer: Zeke Sayer
Content, engineer: Zaleb Garr
Visual engineer, rig: Sir Stephen
Visual, content, rig: Chitto Royce
Producer, writer: Willie Shears
Photos, content: KJAY
Press, content: Plez Jay
Writer, content: Rex Howard
Writer, content: Garrett Carpenter
Concierge, content: J. Arby jr
Support, tech: Mr. Brown
Support, tech: Davey Kay
Support, tech: El Trick

Current roster (active/inacctive):

The Humms
Uncle Goo
Bat & The Bears
The Ice Creams
Marble Soup
Shoal Creek Stranglers
Pine Tar Rage
The Country Dragons
The Haunted Head
Ed Campbell
William Ross Group
All City Cannonballers
Old Smokey
The Rodney Kings
Timmy & The Tumblers
Mother The Car
T.S. Woodward Trio
The Cryptides
These Magnificent Tapeworms
Uncle Skunkle
Ghost Lights

Currently distributing fine materials to:

Wuxtry Records – Athens, GA
Low Yo Yo Records – Athens, GA
Stickfigure Distribution – Atlanta, GA
Karew Sports – Hartwell, GA
Yesterdaze Records – Seneca, SC
The Edge – Anderson, SC
Terrapin Station – Murray, KY
We Used To Drink Together – Columbus, OH
Yellow K Records – Frostburg, MD


GF001 – Gypsy Farm Comp – Various Artists – 2009
GF002 – Lemonland – CD/TAPE/LP – The Humms – 2010
GF003 – Gypnosis Comp – CD/LP – Various Artists – 2012
GF004 – Irene EP – 7″ – The Rodney Kings – 2012
GF005 – Weeping Willow EP – 7″ – Old Smokey – 2013
GF006 – Head Honey EP – 7″ – Timmy Tumble – 2013
GF007 – Marble Soup EP – CD – Marble Soup – 2018
GF008 – The Ice Creams EP – CD – The Ice Creams – 2018
GF009 – Country Strange, Vol 1 – CD – Uncle Goo – 2019
GF010 – Cattywompus!!! – Uncle Goo – 2019
GF011 – Vampire Hours – The HUMMS – 2020

Boot Series / Co-release / Distribution

GFBOOT1 – The Shoal Creek Stranglers – 2012
GFBOOT2 – The Shoal Creek Stranglers 2 – 2013
GFBOOT3 – Mother The Car – 2013
GFBOOT4 – Ghost Lights – 2014
GFBOOT5 – The Shoal Creek Stranglers 3 – 2016
GFBOOT6 – Live in Central, SC – Pine Tar Rage – 2017
GFBOOT7 – Live at Georgia Theatre – Nate & The Nightmares – 2017
GFBOOT8 – I’m Gonna Have A Good Time – Pine Tar Rage – 2018
GFBOOT9 – Rinse and Repeat EP – FNCF – 2018
GFBOOT10 – Wool Wearing Wolf – Bat & The Bears – 2018
GFBOOT11 – 46 – Pine Tar Rage – 2018
GFBOOT12 – I’m Tired – Uncle Goo – 2018
GFBOOT13 – CP 2106 LP – Zeke Sayer – 2018
GFBOOT14 – Mallory – Uncle Goo 2018
GFBOOT15 – Kerosene – Marble Soup 2018
GFBOOT16 – Sun Downers – Old Smokey – 2019
GFBOOT17 – Tight Fit – Bat & The Bears – 2019
GFBOOT18 – This Heat – Uncle Goo – 2019
GFBOOT19 – Let It Ride EP – FNCF – 2019
GFBOOT20 – James Fisher – S/T -2019
GFBOOT21 – Uncle Goo – Bury Me At The Waffle House – 2019
GFBOOT22 – Bat & The Bears – See Me On – 2019
GFBOOT23 – The Haunted Head – Natural – 2019
GFBOOT24 – J.R. & The Cobblers – Vacation – 2020
GFBOOT25 – William Ross Group – Stranger Rider – 2020
GFBOOT26 – The Haunted Head – Trembling Rose – 2020
GFBOOT27 – Shoal Creek Stranglers – Wagon Yard – 2020
GFBOOT28 – RICHIE – W.I.P. – 2020
GFBOOT30 – Pine Tar Rage – Perfect Day – 2020
GFBOOT31 – Ancient Whales – Live At Adult Swim – 2020
CLD023 – Wester Easter – Old Smokey – 2014 (Cloud Recordings)
HT-006 – Wester Easter – Old Smokey – 2014 (Humble Twin Records)
BR43 – Lemonland LP – The Humms – 2010 (Bachelor Records)
Box004 – Lemonland LP – The Humms – 2010 (Oddbox Records)
odd004 – Are You Dead? EP – The Humms – 2009 (Oddbox Records)
TSW001 – How To Breathe Underwater – T.S. Woodward – 2016

Zeke Sayer 2019

Flagpole Magazine February 22, 2012

It may be a cliché to say someone’s got music in his blood, but in the case of Zeke Sayer, it’s entirely true. Sayer, guitarist for and founder of garage-rockers The Humms, was raised on the Lavonia, GA property that’s home to Clem’s Shoal Creek Music Park. By the time his father, Clem Sayer, acquired the park in 1989, the land was already legendary.

The park was founded in 1961 and was host to Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Loretta Lynn, among many others. The Georgia State Bluegrass Festival was an annual event that drew fans from all over the world. When the indoor auditorium was built in 1971, the inaugural performance was by Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner. Legend has it that Tammy Wynette finally left George Jones for the final time at Shoal Creek, too.

Although times changed for the park in the 1980s, and things weren’t quite as rowdy, the park became more of a hobby for the late Clem Sayer than a business venture. This was the legacy that surrounded the young Sayer.

The Gypsy Farm recording studio is located in a room at the front of the auditorium.  Sayer’s first recording experiments began when his father bought him a used Fostex four-track recorder at a Pickens, SC flea market circa 2000. His hardware is more modern now, but the live room is as homey as ever, with wood paneling on the walls and braided rugs on the floor.

Zeke in Studio

Listen to anything done at Gypsy Farm, especially tracks from the bands that Sayer has put out on his Gypsy Farm Records label, and the immediacy and urgency are palpable. While the bills always need to be paid, Sayer is in no hurry to bring in acts to record that he flat out doesn’t dig.

The label and the studio are closely related but separate operations. He doesn’t release records by everyone he records but enthusiastically promotes those he does. “There’s no contracts with anyone,” he says. “The idea is to push stuff out there and get people to hear it.”

There’s a distinct feeling of being someplace truly special when walking the grounds at Shoal Creek. This is, after all, family land with a huge legacy. Celebrity tales and lore haunt every dirt pathway and stage. Sayer operates Gypsy Farm with immense respect for this past, but with an eye on the future. He knows that along with all the ghosts, there is also a lot of living to do.

– Gordon Lamb, Athens GA.