RIP Boogie Brown

Boogie by WJAYGypsy Farm mourns the passing of it’s executive producer on July 15th due to a hit and run on the Nancy Hart parkway. ┬áKnown far and wide by many for 10+ years, we are honored to have been blessed with the good fortune of crossing paths with one BOOGIE BROWN, aka ‘The Boog” and hold hope that our spirits be tangled again.

“When ole Boog died, he died so hard he shook the ground in my backyard”

Boogie / LOBBY


Photo credits : (Top / WJAY) (Bottom / Rob Lomax)

Video by Trevor Anderson / Guitar by Tim Peyton






T.S. Woodward at Flicker Theatre

10373003_477212429078594_4048423220422485203_oJoin us this Friday evening at Flicker Theatre and Bar for an exciting double feature of the T.S Woodward Quartet with Deep Chatham of Northern Carolina.

ts woodward flicker 2014