Saturday, Feb 2nd 200013 thee infamous Shoal Creek Stranglers are to be ‘Stringin and Singin” at JOANS PLACE – (out on Old Hwy 29 in Hartwell, GA) at 11AM-SO SHARP!  Special Guests include her honorableness, Judge T. Brown and the HART Huggers / bee theree

Here we have the Stranglers performing a Roger Miller tune, last year at Jack’s Picking Parlor // Williamston, SC



Originally the front-lady of the first successful all-girl band,  Goldie and the Gingerbreads, we bring you the lovely – Genya Ravan, via her recent interview on Blues.GR  / which you can READ HERE

COME ON SUGGA and THINK, about the good times :

During the 60’s, the gals toured with acts such The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, The Hollies and The Kinks.  In present day 200013,  Genya is a regular host  featured on “Little Stevens Underground Garage” channel on SiriusXM radio



On the patio of Flicker Theatre,  Johnny Tumble had fumbled his White Russian,  resulting in an electric explosion of ivory that rained down on Zeb’s left slipper. As clockwork,  we stumbled inside to catch The New Sound of Numbers‘ set, which was riddled  with fiddles of the groove that left us in a trance and feeling some what tribal.  Quickly out into the 31 degree Athens night and (approximately) 13 giant steps to the left  and you will arrive at the 40 Watt club,  and on this particular night they are hosting  The Music Tapes’ performance of their “Traveling Imaginary”  touring eXXtravagansa.

JulianRobbie, and friends set up a circus tent inside the club, complete with flying bells,  moons, horns, whistles and the bowing of a banjo.   God help any poor soul that gets hold to a bad trip and much bliss can be expected to those settled comfortably underneath the ‘big top’ as something truly interesting and remarkable is happening before you.   Then, all of a sudden – you count down from 5 and it’s over, the lights are out and the tent is gone.

Catch The Music Tapes and their Traveling Imaginary show soon in and town near you // TOUR DATES

JAZZ N JIVE’n / 2006

A PHANTASTTIC performance by ECHO CANYON  at Flicker Theatre

Video by Sloan Simpson  /  20006



Here we have Athens, GA Rock and Rawers, The HUMMS playing “FAT BAT” at the 40 WATT last week.  Special thanks to Daniel P of for shooting.   Catch them at up coming gigs in :

Memphis, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Atlanta and Athens in the coming months. – Keep your eyes and ears on THEHUMMS.COM for further rumors and none sense as it unfolds.

Craig Lieske RIP

Another Athens spirit, unexpectedly retired from the world, for now.  “Local musician Craig Lieske has passed away, reportedly due to an aneurysm.  A member of local improv-rock group Garbage Island, as well as a member of the Drive-By Truckers’ touring crew, [Lieske] contributed his talents to countless other local bands during his many years in Athens.  He was 48.”

Taken from Flagpole’s Homedrone BlogArticle

**Flagpole Magazine is publishing a memorial in next week’s issue.  Please send thoughts, remembrances and photos to music AT by Monday morning.

— All the best until we cross paths again Craig

STRANGE TIMES in the land of Pizza and Punch

GFRK 2013 — Night 3 @ Mount TIBBETTs.   Woody is spotted going for a REE-FEEL, mid SAD DADs’ set.  Thanks to every fool that came out, booked, cooked and shook to make it all a MARVELOUS 4-day xxxperience.  LOOK OWT  for 200014 to be a special Third Tyme Charm-Winner.