Dear god can it be true? THE HUMMS are on the loose again. Starting tomorrow night, GET TO IT.

Sept 21st / THE GHOST HOUSE / Atlanta, GA
Sept 28th / LONERFEST / Memphis, TN
Oct 6th / GO BAR / Athens, GA
Oct 12th / THE SKANKTUARY (??) / Asheville, NC
176 S. French Broad Ave Asheville, NC
Oct 13th / SOUL BAR / Augusta, GA
Oct 19th / 40 WATT / Athens, GA

More to come soon stay toon and enjoy this ole ditty : FAT BAT

THE ICE CREAMS / You Ought To Know

Just last week, GF veterans stopped into the studio and produced the latest single for The Ice Creams. It’s a cherry cheerful-chang along, with no time at all to explain all that needs to be explained, there’s 1000 things I want to say to you. Go enjoy this pre-mono-trix-mix and hopefully we’ll get this squeezed onto the upcoming Ice Creams Gypsy WAX..LOOKOWTNOW.

Listen, Share and Download “You Ought To Know” by The Ice Creams :


Here at GF, We’ve been tickling the musical catalog of Athens’ HAM1 for well over the past year.  Although the band is now defunct and no longer together, they’ve left behind countless capsules that shall not cease to be re-discovered as time grows into future.  “WHITE RAT” is one tune especially charming to the emotional ear, plucked directly from  “The Captain’s Table” record  (2007 / Orange Twin Records).  It grooves, prooves and mooves your thought process; alarming the mellow moods that your mind has stored away for the day.  Take it in, catch the HAM1 Review that our own Zeb Garrison posted earlier this year and CUT YOUR TEETH on their new incarnation around town, known as OLD SMOKEY.

Listen to “White Rat” By HAM1 and click here to buy the record!

“WHITE RAT” courtesy of Orange Twin Records.  Photo by Ben McCormick


GF artist, “UNCLE GOO” will be performing on Waylin’s Pub this evening and broadcast on West Georgia’s “THE WOLF” internet radio station and judging by the amount of burbon bottles left in Goo’s dressing room (and charged to GF, no doubt), we expect a lively performance and our hearts go out to Waylin.  Catch UNCLE GOO tonight at 8pm/9pm by listening live via this LINK.

Check out UNCLE GOO’s top GF recording for the “Country Strange” genre, titled “Watered Down Whiskey” below :

Stay TOONED for further recordings from this southern gem.


The Humms,  Madeline , Moths, Timmy Tumble and The Shoal Creek Stranglers are to celebrate the lovely Laura Carter’s birthin’ day this evening at Orange Twin CC. We’re all tickled to death.   Creek dip at 5pm, music starts at 7pm