GF003 in works

GYPSY FARM is gearing up to make it’s third release, a compilation of recordings from our studio ranging from 2008-2012. Plans for Vinyl and CD are underway.

While the boys over in the studio sector of GF are keeping awefully quiet about this one, no release date has been made available as of yet but we are told that the compilation will be presented under the name of “GYPNOSIS” and feature 5 bands, including two new tunes from THE HUMMS! Stay TOON’d


Ladies and Gentlemen, THE RODNEY KINGS

Playing the Athens House Show circuit for about a year now, THE RODNEY KINGS have been causing quite a stir in the local music scene lately, being about as infectious as that 3 dolla scent.  Recently, they self released and recorded (with the aid of Wyatt Pless of FIGBOOTS) their very own self titled EP.  It only took a matter of DAZE before the CD found it’s way to HQ. Upon listening to the groups original material (and seeing them live a handful of times) they were ordered to come quickly and record at ONCE! for a GYPSY FARM release.  That is all for now, PLEASE enjoy them playing their LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY tune below, a delightful threat to your surf’n senses indeed : “BONES (BABY)”


Without even giving the tubes a chance to cool down after the UNCLE SKUNKLE visit, HQ was once again put through a 3 day race to capture some golden goodness from Atlanta’s rockin power trio -otherwise known as GHOST LIGHTS. They also run a pretty radd house space in the city, properly named the GHOST HOUSE. These ghouls laid down 18 numbers during their stay, some for upcoming ghostly edibles, one of which is slated for a GYPSY FARM VINYL release coming soon, but I can say no more.

You however, can listen :


Last week we had these 3 blokes roll into the GYPSY STUDIO, fresh out of Kentucky (By way of Murfreesboro, TN / MUCH LOVE). During their 3-DAY STAY, they laid down FOUR solid sounds that are currently being reviewed and rechewed via our newly launched Record and Development Department  (or R.A.D.D.)

The boy’s are fun, freaky and fantastic at what they do. Here they are covering The Sonics’  PSYCHO / More to come from GFR / STAY TOON’ED


Gypsy Farm family member, Matthew Garrison celebrates his birthin’ day today.

Garrison arrived at the door steps of GYPSY FARM, fresh from Nashville in September of 2011 and joined right in the the flow of energy by learning the Dog House bass in order to participate in Zeke Sayer’s current project, the murder fused string bands appropriately titled “The Shoal Creek Stranglers”.

Since then, Garrison has gone on to contribute musically to GF band “The Humms” as well as assisting in the production of numerous recording sessions at the GYPSY studio.   Matt has currently returned home from PCB and current plans are under way for an all out POW WOW this coming weekend. Garrison informed the GYPSY board that he will become a full time Gypsy Farmer’ in the Summer of 2012.