Monday Afternoon and a Catfish Sandwich

While having a smoke outside the gas station, I was waiting on ZZ to finish paying for his catfish sandwich when I was approached by a fella who claimed to be an up and coming rapper with his rapping pals, on the road promoting their music. Fantastic! I can sympathize with that. He then handed me a  CD-R (without Case), pointing out the contents included 3 songs and apparently a link to their youtube page.   He then thanked me in advance for any donation I would give him, I apologized letting him know I only ever carry my card.  He followed with “Well could you just buy us a pack of Newports?” and I replied “No, but I will listen to your CD”.  He informed me that those Demo CDs were for “donating fans” only and that he would need that one back, and I gave it back (willingly).

I asked him if he had a business card (I was being sarcastic, but really wanted to see if he’d even went through the trouble of making one).. He rushed back to the NEW YORK PLATED Chrysler 300 and came back with a stamper and then asked if I had a piece of paper  …. Oh what wonderful people we momentarily meet in this world.