And that was Sunday

I pulled out of GF this morning and noticed there was blood shed in the road. Buzzards, a dog with a hunk of meat in it’s mouth. Let’s get this day started off right. Pulled into the little country church up the road and played a couple of songs. Good honest folks there, I’d say half of them haven’t truly been soiled by the Man Made Safety Net, called Religion.  They’re  starting to celebrate Christmas, I never cared to0 much for Christmas music. Too tied down I suppose. Ray Steven’s “Santa Clause Is Watching You” is an exception, however.

God, The Humms are to play in Athens tonight. I need to pack. Got packed, and I noticed there are about 15 broken amps in the studio, I think I need to give my man MR WEEMS a ring.

Penetrated the Athens perimeter around 5pm. Just enough time to kill an hour in WUXTRY. Upon entering I see my good friend NATE behind the counter. Nate plays in the Athens group, CARS CAN BE BLUE and Atlanta’s now defunct “THE TRASHCANS” all though I plan to wrangle them back together if only for the sole purpose of capturing their infectious JAMBLE of ill fated numbers on that fabulous GYPSY FARM SOUND

Nate informed me that there’s a SOLD OUT String Cheese Incident show at the Georgia Theatre tonight. I imagine that may steal the Humms’ crowd for the evening, but don’t fret — Any time I can come to Athens, get new music and play with the sickest cats in RAWK and ROLL, it’s not a bad time at all.

Actually, sometimes it’s not that much fun at all, but that’s the ticket you tare. You love it just enough to hate before you wake up in the morning, loving her all over again!

Making my way downtown, Low Yo Yo Records was closed. What the hell TODD? I figured he would be in on the STRING CHEESE crowd with Wuxtry, but we all need a day off.

There’s something oddly peaceful about Athens this Sunday evening. The streets aren’t littered with Frats and drunken sluts, even though that’s always an interesting time, the hipsters are still creeping around though. For the first time tonight in 2 years I feel almost back at home, sitting off Washington St.

To get out of downtown for a bit, I ventured over to BENJAMIN’s and lost track of time. TIME! It was TIME to get to the Farm. Moving Swiftly, I thanked BENJAMIN for his hospitality and made my way to the show.

Like all shows, it started with ZZ’s drums falling apart.  Special thanks to MERCER (Quiet Hooves / Party Party Partners) for piecing it back together, mid set.

We’ve been tickled to death to be playing some new songs. One’s called “DEATH MOURNING BLUES” and the other “THE DAZE”. There’s also been some cool covers like King Flash’s ZOMBIE JAMBOREE.  Back to Back, Belly to Belly, I don’t give a DAMN cause I’done DEAD ALREADY!

2 flashes and a broken guitar jack later, it was over. We had a HUMMS HUDDLE behind the farm cart with refreshments.

The night wound’down and was capped off with a couple of candles, stories and a box of ginger snaps.


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