rks little kings

“The trash-bag musical aesthetic of The Rodney Kings can colloquially be called garage rock, but all sorts of bands come out of garages. This is primitive caveman rock filtered through years of late nights and daily imbibing of mid-20th Century teenage outsider culture. It sounds like the guitars are strung with cat guts, the drums pounded with animal bones. The Rodney Kings lose their minds so you don’t have to. Even so, if your feet aren’t sloshed in beer and your body soaked in sweat after seeing them, you have failed as an audience member.” – Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine 

“Don’t you cats luv how weird of a name the Rodney Kings’ “Irene” is for this dark 7″?  Let’s head down to the heart of the King’s first record’s shenanigans, because it’s what must be done…Total luck that you encounter a Gypsy-ghost trash pack who can balance strippin’ down to a few infamous chords several times over on their tune for Irene, while Wax Mang throws bad beats of yellow fever at you.  Bones Baby gets the award for hardcore punk raw-k DEATH: Cowboy Cameron rotting the late 70s of musick history til it’s falling right off the // bones (baby) // in a secret hi-light ride. The tune crashes a carnival like Black Lips pissing on rich girls with herpes.  I Wanna Meet You doesn’t display giving a fuck, but still touch upon a rather lovely hit. It completely adds a powerful emergence to the record, keeping it moving without a feeling of sub-par laziness, something that’s a struggle punk bands taking the easy way out are; guilty of facing. One Tough Night is another black drop of Athens rawk n roll done played in just the right way to chug beerz to.  Reeth Dasgupta makes his own sense of a classic non-sexy guitar sound, while still counting the stars No going wrong partly ripping off Killed By Death rekkids”  – ZZ RYDER / 2013





7″ EP